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About Owen Electric Company

Since its inception in 1986, Owen Electric has delivered top quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. We remain committed to the safety of our employees, committed to quality and committed to customer service.
From the beginning, we have sought to hire the very best people in our industry. The goal has been that all employees will find the work fulfilling and rewarding and that they will be proud to be part of the Owen team. An extensive safety program, together with a drug-free workplace, demonstrates Owen’s concern for their employees.
Focusing on commercial and industrial construction along with superior service, the company has consistently delivered quality workmanship and outstanding service. Owen Electric’s reputation for maintaining the schedule with promises kept has helped to retain a loyal customer base.


Our Mission

The safety and welfare of the employees of Owen Electric must be assured before all else. Then we must be sure that we provide a quality installation, both for our customers’ satisfaction and for our own peace of mind. If we can’t do the right job… we won’t do it at all.
The reputation of our company springs from a commitment to quality, customer service and follow through. Dedicated to the “team” approach, we offer an expert corps of highly trained electricians, backed by a professional in-house staff, skilled in problem solving and responsive to your needs. We are prepared to do what it takes to deliver excellent service and maintain your schedule. Flexibility enables our team to adjust to changes in schedule and job conditions. We keep our promises.


Our Customer Pledge

We will give you the outstanding service you deserve.
We will provide a top quality installation.
We will staff your project so as never to impede your schedule. Our reputation speaks for itself.